What is “Frozen Shoulder”?

Frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, results in contraction of the capsule which surrounds the joint. The muscles which surround the shoulder also become tight and cause increased compression in the joint resulting in pain and decreased mobility.

Kinesio Tape Can Be Helpful

Kinesio tape can be used to assist in reducing edema, pain and increased muscle tension. A common and clinically successful taping technique for this condition is as follows, however choice of technique will depend on findings after assessment.

  • Inhibit deltoid-apply insertion to origin.
  • Inhibit coracobrachialis-insertion to origin
  • Inhibit subscapularis-insertion to origin
  • Inhibit teres minor-insertion to origin.

Remember to place the muscle being taped on stretch.
The practitioner may need to apply above normal tension on the tape to accommodate for limited patient movement.