Doctors discussion the brain scans of a concussion patient

Complete Concussion Management

Doctors look at a scan of a concussed patient's head. Complete Concussion Management.

Exclusive to North Bay And Area

Symetrics offers Complete Concussion Management INC. (CCMI), designed to ensure concussion patients receive top-of-the-line concussion baseline testing, rehabilitation, and return-to-play protocols.

This program is in compliance with the protocols developed by Hockey Canada, Rugby Canada, Football Canada, Canadian Soccer Association and Canadian Lacrosse Association.

Contact us to set up your team assessments and protocols to ensure your athletes are receiving quality care/prevention and recovery.

Complete Concussion Management at SYMETRICS Includes:

  • Comprehensive baseline testing
  • Cutting edge treatment and rehabilitation

Learn more about complete concussion management at the official website.

Complete Concussion Management