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Your Initial Visit to Symetrics

Your Initial Visit …what to expect!

Your initial visit to SYMETRICS will be informative and educational with positive physical results.

Getting the Paperwork in Order:

Upon your initial visit with us, the necessary forms will need to be completed by you at our front reception. We will then enter this information into our computer system to identify the specific needs of your complaint, billing arrangements, insurance information and scheduling. All information supplied by our patients is protected under the guidelines of PIPEDA.

An Initial Assessment is Needed:

An initial assessment with SYMETRICS is required to provide complete physical rehabilitation for all patients with any musculoskeletal or neuromuscular problems. Our services include the treatment of sports injuries, auto injuries, workplace back injuries, vestibular (dizziness) referrals, and other pain syndromes.

The physiotherapist will do a complete physical assessment regarding your specific complaint (pain syndrome). The assessment will take about 45 minutes with your physiotherapist.  Your assessment may follow with modality treatments and also home exercises and education.  Plan to be in the clinic for approximately one (1) hour. Chiropractic involves less time for an assessment, and massage information is gathered through a patient case history.

We Will Develop a Treatment Plan:

Our qualified health care providers, (physiotherapists, chiropractor and or massage therapists) will do a thorough assessment and determine the treatment required for your needs. This visit may also include many functions such as stretching, strengthening, and home education exercises. Some modalities may be administered by our Physiotherapy support personnel under the direction of the provider.

Follow-Up Visits:

A subsequent visit is usually required in order to follow a patient’s progress as well as to continue rehabilitation treatment. The number of subsequent visits are determined by the provider and patient’s progress. You may also be required to be in our gym facility for specific modalities or stretches administered by our Physiotherapy support personnel.

Gym Scheduling:

Gym scheduling may also be a part of the rehabilitation process. Physiotherapy support personnel are available for many patients who require additional help with respect to progress of their physical health and/or monitoring of programs.

At Symetrics, we provide many rehabilitation services: