Symetrics’ mission is to improve the quality of life of the people within our community and to be the leader in local healthcare and wellness.

We use a team approach integrating physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, pelvic floor health, vestibular rehabilitation, functional dry needling, neurological physiotherapy, naturopathy, and athletic therapy to optimize our clients’ recovery. 


Working at SYMETRICS is a pleasure. From the beginning I knew the fit between myself and the culture of the clinic owners and staff was perfect. Within a year of working at SYMETRICS I have had the opportunity to take on more responsibility with clinic operations and become a junior partner. This process has been made especially enjoyable as I have had ample time to continue to see my patients and receive mentorship from both a clinical and business perspective. The staff is friendly, inviting and incredibly knowledgeable. I am looking forward to being a part of the future growth of this clinic for years to come. 

-Chris Sheremeta (RPT)

I came to SYMETRICS on a clinical placement when I was still in PT school and I loved it! Not only is the staff welcoming and friendly but I was also able to learn so much from every single person who works here. I am currently awaiting accreditation for physiotherapy licenses from the USA and was initially nervous about not being able to practice and progress my skills as a physiotherapist. However, the SYMETRICS staff has provided mentorship to me, given me the chance to continue to practice and develop my skills, and welcome any new ideas I have while I wait to become a registered physiotherapist in Canada.”

-Yashna Lakhani (DPT)

SYMETRICS is looking for a physiotherapist!!!

Perks about moving to North Bay and working at SYMETRICS : 

  1. Signing/relocation bonus
  2. Competitive income with a guaranteed financial stability (main compensation decisions will be based on your performance).   
  3. Premium pay if you are bilingual (French and English). 
  4. We believe in MENTORSHIP!  Guaranteed bi-weekly mentorship with an experienced physiotherapist in any of these specialties: manual therapy, pelvic floor physiotherapy, vestibular rehabilitation and concussion management. 
  5. 5-10 new assessments per week. 
  6. Varied caseload: private fee-for-service clients of all ages (80-85% of caseload), MVA, OHIP, DVA. (no WSIB) 
  7. Education allowance.
  8. Vacation pay depending on experience. 
  9. Healthcare spending account is available for all employees. 
  10. Company sponsored team dinners and outings. 
  11. No double-booked treatment sessions. 
  12. Career progression opportunities: while focusing on your clinical work, you will also have opportunities to help SYMETRICS grow.    

Symetrics is committed to the principles of equality and diversity in the workplace. We welcome applications from Indigenous peoples, minority communities, immigrants, persons with disabilities and the LGBTQ2S+ community. We will provide accommodation in all phases of the hiring process, up to the point of undue hardship, upon request.

Jacob Guenette
Jacob Guenette
I suffered a concussion and was referred to the clinic by the hospital after my second visit to the emergency. I was able to get an appointment a few days after my referral, which was great. I was two weeks into my recovery when I came in for my first appointment. Before visiting Symetrics, my recovery was slow and I was very discouraged. I was even starting to develop symptoms of depression. At Symetrics, I was treated by Dr. David Chambers. After my first visit, I already felt much better and felt like I was back on track to feeling better. By the time of my second appointment, I was leaps and bounds above where I had been. I fully recovered less than two weeks later, after only 4 appointments. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who has suffered a concussion. I only wish I had known about Symetrics earlier into my recovery.
Patrick Sacher
Patrick Sacher
Highly recommend, I went in to meet with John, and I really appreciate his input to help me prevent long-term injury. He took the time with me to figure out what challenges I have and provided me with solutions to fix it. I would highly recommend going to Symetrics for your physio needs.
Stephanie Boden
Stephanie Boden
Judy Lew
Judy Lew
Danielle Cousineau of Symetrics is the Guru of all Gurus when it comes to physiotherapy. She is very thorough and explains things so clearly. I was informed and educated by her. I left her office feeling very assured that I was now in good hands. Thank you for your amazing help Danielle.
Nico D
Nico D
David Cotter
David Cotter
Outstanding practice of kind and concerned physio, chiro, massage and great staff. If you have a hitch in yoir giddyup, no place in North Bay better to go.
lizanne attwood
lizanne attwood