Functional Movement Screen

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is used by several professional sport organizations such as the NHL, MLB, and NFL to keep their athletes healthy and in the game!

This amazing healthy movement screen is now available at Symetrics!

The FMS is used to evaluate the quality of 7 movement patterns commonly used in sport and fitness in individuals. It is designed to place the athlete in challenging positions to expose movement deficits.

Corrective exercises are then prescribed that improve faulty movement patterns, making the athlete more efficient in their movements, setting the athlete up to better acquire sport skills, and improve fitness performance.

Who is it For?

The FMS is beneficial for anyone who is active beyond gentle walking, regardless of your age.

If you:

  • Play sports
  • Live an active lifestyle that involves lifting and property maintenance
  • Participate in fitness activities (weight training, HIIT, fitness classes, cardiovascular/aerobic activities)
  • Work in a physical active job (nursing, fire fighting, PSW, etc)
  • Young children once the begin participating in sports and physical activities

Also Available

The Segmental Functional Movement Assessment is a medical movement diagnosis system designed to quickly identify the source and potential causes of pain, and direct where detailed assessment and treatment should be focused.

The Y-Balance Test is used to ensure there is symmetry in motor control between sides once injury is resolved and/or healthy functional baseline is restored.


“The functional movement screen allowed me to not only participate consistently in my sport, but is also allowed me to excel in my sport free of injury. Understanding the body’s mechanics using this screening protocol and implementing preventive injury techniques is essential for any athlete looking to be at their best both consistently and long term.”

  • OUA Women’s Hockey Player

“My experience with the functional movement screen was very beneficial. Vickie used this screen to help identify any areas that may increase my risk of injury. This played a very key role in my recovery journey post spinal stroke. Vickie did an excellent job helping me with agility, gaining strength and improving mobility to ensure I was moving safely while getting back into sport.”

  • OUA Women’s Lacrosse Player