Repetitive Strain Injury for Musicians

Repetitive Strain Injury Has Many Causes

There are many causes of Repetitive Strain Injury, suffered by musicians, which can lead to neck and low back pain, shoulder pain, arm and forearm pain, wrist and hand pain, and/or carpal tunnel syndrome.

The most plausible cause can be due to musicians who have undergone one or more of the following; a dramatic increase of playing time, a recent change of instruments or instructors and/or a change in playing technique and style. Poor posture and poor overall conditioning can aggravate symptoms related to their RSI.

RSI Treatment for String Instrument Enthusiasts

A physiotherapist is able to perform a concise physical evaluation to determine whether the problem is mechanical or inflammatory. She/he is able to find the ‘source’ of the problem (i.e.: muscle, joint, nerve from neck, shoulder, arm…) The physiotherapist can then address the problem with manual therapy, (including mobilizations, friction-massage, stretching and strengthening exercises to address muscle imbalances,) modalities(ultrasound, laser, acupuncture) and education on posture and proper biomechanics to reduce stress on joints and soft tissue. An excellent compliment to treating RSI’s is massage therapy.