An SI Belt can help

Studies have shown that the hormone “relaxin” is released in increased amounts during the 1st and 3rd trimesters during pregnancy. The ligaments that help provide force closure of the SI joints therefore become lax. This SI joint laxity creates excessive strain at the joints as well as throughout low back & buttock muscles to increase force closure. Pregnant women can therefore experience low back pain due to laxity of ligaments.

Stabilizing the SI Joints:

Physiotherapy treatment, including mobilizations and core stability training will help stabilize the SI joints.

An SI Maternity Belt:

Use of an SI maternity belt can also help in providing extra force closure. The belt should be worn just above the greater trochanter and just below the ASIS’s with only mild to moderate tightness. The SI belt will most likely benefit the patient if she feels immediate relief of symptoms as she walks.