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Neural Mobility: Nervous System Trauma, Wear and Tear

September 12, 2015
Articles of Interest

If any part of the nervous system is denied movement through trauma (e.g.: whiplash) or wear and tear, pain and other symptoms (local and referred) result. Neural Mobility Physiotherapists are often the first health care professionals to come into contact with people suffering painful problems related to nervous tissue dynamics. These conditions can include tennis elbow, […]

Mobilization With Movement: NAGS and SNAGS

August 25, 2015
Articles of Interest

What Is Mobilization? The term “mobilization” is often used within the profession of Physiotherapy. Most often the term is used to describe a physical force which is applied to a pair of bones at their articulation (joint) in order to improve the ability of that joint to move. Traditional Mobilization Methods In the more common and […]

Rotator Cuff Injuries

July 11, 2015
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A key factor in changing the way rotator cuff pathology is treated has been the greater understanding of the way the cuff functions. The work of Burkhart (1994) explains how the cuff actually biomechanically functions. Burkhart’s Hypothesis Burkhart hypothesizes that the rotator cuff insertion is structured like a suspension bridge; the anterior and posterior regions are […]

Hiking: Proper Foot Care

June 3, 2015
Articles of Interest

Suitable footwear for hiking/running There are hundreds of different models of running and hiking shoes on the market. The optimum shoe for a runner must match the runner’s specific mechanical features. There are several features of a shoe that may affect its function. The Heel: Starting at the upper- rear of the shoe is the heel […]

Physiotherapist & Personal Trainer: Relationship

April 11, 2015
Articles of Interest

We can explain the difference between a physiotherapist and personal trainer by asking a basic question: Why Do People Get Hurt? The reason why most people get injured is usually due to a lack of knowledge and more specifically, on a physical level, a lack of flexibility, and core strength, (the deep abdominal and low […]

Tennis Elbow

March 28, 2015
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Posture has been identified as the most significant accelerator for upper limb repetitive strain injury (tennis elbow), with force and repetition also having a direct link. Risk Factors for Tennis Elbow Pain: Here are some risk factors for lateral epicondylitis/tennis elbow/elbow pain with computer use. Use of the wrist in extension when using a keyboard […]

Therapeutic Taping for Posture

March 22, 2015
Articles of Interest

Physiotherapists and athletic therapists have used taping for many years to minimize stress on healing tissues. Therapeutic taping is now being used for many other functions in the rehabilitation field including postural correction. Benefits of Taping: The benefits of taping include increasing the biomechanical effectiveness of muscle length tension relationships. Other benefits include passively stretching tight […]

Managing Lymphedema: Breast Cancer

March 21, 2015
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Who Gets Breast Cancer? According to Statistics Canada, in 2003, research data showed a lifetime probability of developing breast cancer in women to be approximately 11.4%. It also showed that the probability of a woman developing breast cancer increases between the ages of 40 and 70. Possible Consequences of Treatment: Breast cancer survivors may experience many […]

Lumbo Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy

February 2, 2015
Articles of Interest

An SI Belt can help Studies have shown that the hormone “relaxin” is released in increased amounts during the 1st and 3rd trimesters during pregnancy. The ligaments that help provide force closure of the SI joints therefore become lax. This SI joint laxity creates excessive strain at the joints as well as throughout low back & buttock […]