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Building FrontWelcome to Symetrics, the Institute for Integrated Physical Rehabilitation.

We are a Multi-disciplinary Physical Rehabilitation Clinic established in 1990 and we continue to service our community in North Bay and area with pride and appreciation of our clients.  We use a team approach integrating physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy and kinesiology to maximize recovery in all facets of your life. The latest techniques and equipment are used to help us meet your needs.

We have a very professional, supportive and friendly feel at SYMETRICS offering you quality 'hands on' care from our providers and support staff. 

Whether you are a weekend warrior with a pull or strain, injured due to a motor vehicle accident, a slip or a fall, or an elite athlete with a sport related injury, SYMETRICS can meet your needs.   We encourage you to review our services to see how we can help you.

We offer a central location for your convenience on the corner of Main St. E and Regina St. with parking available in the back.

To service you better-please call us directly for an assessment or follow up appointment  at 705-497-1975!

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Posted on 15:34, Monday, December 1

Kinesiotaping for Frozen Shoulder
Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis results in contraction of the capsule which surrounds the joint. The muscles which surround the shoulder also become tight and cause increased compression in the joint resulting in pain and decreased mobility.
Kinesio tape can be used to assist in reducing edema, pain and increased muscle tension. A common and clinically successful taping technique for this condition is as follows, however choice of technique will depend on findings after assessment.
Inhibit deltoid-apply insertion to origin.
Inhibit coracobrachialis-insertion to origin
Inhibit subscapularis-insertion to origin
Inhibit teres minor-insertion to origin.
Remember to place the muscle being taped on stretch. 
The practitioner may need to apply above normal tension on the tape to accommodate for limited patient movement.

Welcome to the SYMETRICS TEAM

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Posted on 14:14, Friday, October 10

PHYSIOTHERAPIST Cedric Gingras-Hill BSc. Cedric has his masters in Gerentology and also provides services at WNGH and Au Chateau in Sturgeon Falls

Welcome to the SYMETRICS TEAM

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Posted on 14:05, Friday, October 10

CHIROPRACTOR Dr. David Chambers DC. David joins the SYMETRICS team with previous multi-disciplinary clinic experience from Burlington Ontario.

Danielle Cousineau 
John Davis
Ashley McLellan
Cheryl Alderdice
Cedric Gingras-Hill

Dr. Cliff Noth
Dr. David Chambers

Tara Alger

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