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FITforeGOLF: Better Golf through Better Health

FITforeGOLF TM Programs and Golf Swing Analysis Available

The Better the body, the better the performance!
Better Golf through Better Health!


Assessment and Training Sessions Specific to Your Needs

Whether you are a recreational golfer, touring pro, a golf enthusiast, or just getting into the game… this program will lead the golf industry in the development, presentation and distribution of research based information and products relating to golf health, performance and injury management. We can help you enjoy golf without injury.

FITforeGOLF TM is for YOU!

Often our performance and enjoyment of the game are handicapped by an ache, pain, or physical limitations that keeps us from playing our best golf; or worse yet – keeps us off the golf course completely!

It’s a multifaceted program designed to keep you injury free and add years to your game. FITforeGOLFTM will help you prepare your body for optimal performance.

Plus, you will learn techniques and exercises to prevent injury. Pre-, In-, Post-, and Off-Season programs are available.

Mandate: focused on innovative research into the science and medicine of golf health and performance.

  • FITforeGOLF TM presents their proprietary information in the highest quality seminars, articles in print, literature on the internet and other media templates.
  • FITforeGOLF TM is dedicated to an affiliation network of highly motivated and trained health professional to service the health needs of injured golfers.
  • FITforeGOLF TM is dedicated to an affiliation of highly motivated and trained golf and health professionals, working together, to improve golf teaching and maximizing each golferĀ“s potential.
  • FITforeGOLF TM is dedicated to promoting new products that assist, in a research validated manner, with golfers’ health, performance, and recovery from injury.
  • FITforeGOLF TM embraces the development of every golfer from beginner to professional to enjoy “Better Golf through Better Health”.